Support Multi-mode operation, data management sync

Multiple Theme - Centralised Controlled
Personalised multi-theme mode, support various business model and multiple platform such as PC, H5 and APP. Also allow different domain for difference theme, all at your ease of control.
Flexible Configuration
Flexibility in configuring PC/H5/ios/Android presentation. Game display, promotion, hot recommendation, activities etc

Native App incorporating Instant Messaging

Interactive Chat Room
Platform offers an interactive chat room with accessibility control and setting. Players can easily mingle around, sharing tips, suggestion and even distribute or collect red packets.
Flawless Native APP
Native APP for IOS and Android to allow best user experience. Fast accessibility and performance for higher player retention.

Full Access security, Support trial play

User Accessibility Check
Simple activation to support login via Wechat, QQ, mobile number, email, google authenticator, hand draw pattern etc. Complete security to safeguard players credit to gain players trust and confidence.
1 Click Trial Play
Support trial play in sandbox environment to allow you understand new players’ behaviours and does not affect your actual games reports.

System Enabled Marketing Activities

Interactive Marketing system
Support distribution of red packet, daily login incentive, rebates etc to increase user stickiness.
Cash Voucher / Cash back
Creation and distribution of various cash vouchers, cash back incentive etc, either system automated or ad-hoc manual handling to increase your customers’ satisfaction and retention rate.

Top Notch Security & Defensive System

Beyond just SSL
Applying multi-channel encrypted transmission and in-house technology to fend off hi-jacking attempts as well as domain hi-jacking.
Impeccable Smooth Experience
Experience true mobility with APP/H5 user interface and user experience carefully designed.

Built for Pyramid/Multi-level Marketing

Mass Promotion System
Integrate with Wechat, Alipay, QQ, Weibo and other major social media to effectively disseminate promotional messages.
Exclusive Red Package System
Access to red packet promotional system that has been jointly developed over the years by experienced industry specialists and actuaries. Equip with the mass promotion system to easily entice new customers.

Personalised, Tailored just for you

Exclusive Branding
Consistent branding throughout all platforms; PC/H5/APP, from Logo to promotional material as well as from APP icon to loading page. Providing you a unique and distinctive image.
Directly Integrate with Game Provider
Offer multiple game providers integration according to your needs, thus allowing you to develop your niche market.
Marketing Activities Enhancement
Receptive to your marketing ideas, strategies and plans. We will continuously enhance our promotional module to assist you in growing your market.

Periodic Festive Theme and Innovative Features

Festival Theme
Creation of festive theme / campaign to coincide with major festival to enhance your branding as well as boost revenue.
Innovative Features
We take your suggestion for development seriously and once it is adopted; you will enjoy exclusive use of such features for 6 month before it make available to others.

User Behaviour Analysis for Targeted Marketing

Smart User Monitoring
Analysis of data from various sources to better understand players demographic, behaviours as well as preferences to allow targeted marketing.
Referral Analytical System
Player referral system, being an integral part of the system, allow customer to track the effectiveness of each recruitment campaign, thus maximising your return of investment.

Big Data for better predictability

Finance Alert System
Real time monitoring of players’deposit and withdrawal. Instant alert whenever there is a discrepancy to allow immediate attention. Tracking of user deposit and withdrawal pattern to better predict their coming activities.
Marketing Analysis System
Smart ecosystem that built upon user behaviours. Platform to support various promotional campaign, coupled with your creativity and strategic ideas to expand your markets, and offer insights to users participation and responsiveness.

Big Data Risk Management

Risk Control System
Early security warning for system attack, players suspicious conduct, illegal bets, bet-matching etc to safeguard your interest.
Quick Site Set-up
A step by step guided system to help you in creating a user friendly site for PC, H5 and APP

Load Balance & CDN

Distributed Cluster Service
Hundreds of high-performance servers based on high-reliability design of the distributed cluster architecture, deploys multi-point clusters and load balancing at multi-levels, mirroring nodes, supports automatic failover and self-repair, and the system can simultaneously support 3 million concurrent requests per second, and more than 2 billion stable transaction data.
High Speed CDN Nodes
With 580 nodes widely distributed over 12 countries and 25 Data centers, to allow switch-over to the nearest node for faster access. It also comes with anti-CC DDos attack.

Site-wide Encryption & Network Protection

SSL Certificate
Support SSL Certificate encryption to ensure secured communication between user and server to prevent hijacking.
Default Safety Measure
First level of protection to auto filter and block abnormal HTTP attacks

High Defensive Capability & Security Features

High Capability Defensive System
In-house smart 7 level defensive system effectively ignore CC attack. Auto scaling up to 300G/Sec bandwidth whenever under DDOS attack and proven effective against various attacks.
Support the use of Authenticator for frontend user as well as platform administrator for secured login. Authenticator can also be set up for some specific functions.

24/7 Monitoring & Regular Maintenance

Disaster Tolerance Monitoring System
24/7 real time monitoring of over 230 operating indictors, regular security patch and high availability architecture ensures optimal operational performance.
Dedicated Resources
Equipped with multi-node high performance server, 100M dedicated bandwidth with CDN protection to offend off attacks.

24/7/365 Instant Response

Professional IT Support
Provide 24/7 System and Network technical support to resolve any unexpected emergencies.
Exclusive Branding
Consistent display of your brand logo across all platform, such as APP logo, H5 icon, Website etc.

Platform Training & Marketing Support

Business Support
Dedicated Business Manager to guide and handhold you in your business journey.
Market & Sales Support
Customer platform training, exhibitions, and sales related support.

From Hardware to Software Customisation

Product Development Support
Actively adopting customer ideas for diversified product development to spur customer market growth.
Security Support
From data encryption, anti-hijacking, firewall set-up, content hijacking prevention etc are all taken care of.